Bernard Favre Watch Winders

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There were an exorbitant amount of innovative watches and other industry specific finds at the Baselworld show in Switzerland this year. According to "The Watch Guy", Bill O'Brien, Bernard Favre's watch winders were among those incredible finds at Basel. The mesmerizing double-axis Planet watch winders keep automatic watches wound at the optimal level, and they are equally as entrancing to watch in action. There are nine different program options which ensures optimal winding setting for any watch. Because of the options, watches can not be overwound unlike many watch winders on the market. The quiet, highly efficient motor can run for three months on a single charge. A simple USB cable charges the winder, and can be left permanently connected. Each watch winder comes equipped with an elegant glass dome that protects the watch from dust, and adds to the mystery of the kinetic magic within. The favorite winder by Bernard Favre is by far the winder with spent bullets decorating the base. The Planet Double-Axis Black has also been very popular among our clientele. Below are some of the watch winders available at Moyer Fine Jewelers, an authorized dealer of Bernard Favre.

Watch Winders Available

Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Silver Watch Winders

 Silver, $1550

Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Gold Watch Winders

Gold, $1980

Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Black Watch Winders

Black, $1390

Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Silver with Green Leather Base Watch WindersSilver with Green Leather Base,$1650

Bernard Favre Brand V