Buy One, Get One Half Off Wedding Bands

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You've purchased the engagement ring, booked the venue for your wedding, hired a caterer, and spent A LOT of money on your upcoming wedding. Let Moyer Fine Jewelers help you save on your wedding bands! From now through June 17th, we are doing a BUY ONE, GET ONE HALF OFF Wedding Band event*! Call Lauren at 317.844.9003 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are not required.

Moyer Fine Jewelers has a variety of wedding bands. From unique geometric shapes to colored gemstones, we have exactly what you're looking for.

Looking for a simple diamond wedding band in white, yellow or rose gold? We have so many options to choose from.

Wedding Bands for Her

We have an incredible selection of wedding bands at Moyer Fine Jewelers. From diamond eternity and precious gemstone bands to yellow gold or platinum, the options are endless. If you have a custom ring and can't find a band to fit next to it, come see us! We have a variety of contour bands (curved bands) that usually work with almost any design. We can also, with the help of our in-house jewelers and design team, create a custom wedding band that has all of the gorgeous details of your engagement ring.

Stack It Up

The trend of "wedding band stacking" has become even more prevalent in the past few years. Women love to stack matching or unique bands against their engagement ring. Gone are the days when women only wanted ONE band! Although most would think to use this event as a "Buy Hers, Get His Half Off", this is the ideal time to "Buy Hers, Get Another Half Off". She can wear both after the wedding OR one can be saved for a special date like the first anniversary!

Stacked Wedding Band Ideas from Sethi Couture

Wedding Bands for Him

Walking around our bridal department, you will notice we have wedding bands for men in almost every design you can dream of. Men's wedding bands of various widths, metal types, and designs are waiting for you at Moyer Fine Jewelers.

Alternative Metals VS. Precious Metals

A lot of men like the lower price point of a Tungsten, Cobalt or alternative metal wedding band. This event is exciting because it makes precious metal bands more affordable. Here's something to think about when choosing your metal: You spend thousands of dollars on your wedding day details (the cake, venue, food, dress, tuxes, DJ, flowers, etc), but after your special day, all of those things are gone. All you have are pictures to remind you of those details. A wedding band, on the other hand, is forever. Although we sell both alternative and precious metals, we recommend precious metals (either gold or platinum) for men. Both of these metals will be durable enough to withstand years of wear. They can also be sized unlike Tungsten and Cobalt which means if you lose or gain weight over the years, you don't have to get a completely new ring. Precious metals also hold their value over the years unlike alternative metals.

If you're in the market for wedding bands, we invite you to Moyer Fine Jewelers now through June 17th. Your new wedding bands and an unbeatable deal are waiting! For questions or inquires about this blog, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or *Most expensive wedding band will be full price. No other gift certificates, coupons or offers can be used in conjunction with this promotion.