David Yurman's Continuance Collection

In the Continuance Collection, David Yurman dances with line, artfully playing with strands of gold and silver. Like an unbroken contour drawing where the pencil never leaves the page, loops and curves cross over in infinite graceful gestures. The signature Cable motif is organically continued as it winds and unwinds in lyrical expressions. In music, loops are repeating sections of sound creating rhythmic patterns. The seductive repetition in Continuance are like three- dimensional representations of rhythm in a song. Enhancing the melody, certain pieces are intermittently handset with gypsy set and pave diamonds and available in 18k white, pink and yellow gold. The collection is an elegant example of the David Yurman craft. Closely related to his drawing, David’s use of metal as a sculptor is key to his artistic sensibility. At sixteen he was taught direct-welding – an industrial technique developed by Julio Gonzalez and Picasso to make art they called “drawing in space.” Essentially, the technique involves melting linear rods of metal into one another with a torch to create forms. A sculptural dimension is achieved entirely through line. This way of working prepared the ground for David making sculptural jewelry and naturally led to twisting wires into cable. Meticulously engineered to fall perfectly on the wrist or the neck, “Sculpture on the body” is how Sybil Yurman, David’s wife, describes the new Continuance Collection. The Continuance Collection is represented in sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, and 18k rose gold at Moyer Fine Jewelers. Below are some of the pieces that make up our collection. Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.51.01 AM

Center Twist Bracelet in 18k Gold $3900

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.51.16 AM

Center Twist Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold $3900

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.51.33 AM

Center Twist Bracelet in Sterling Silver $650

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.51.59 AM

Small Pendant Necklace with Diamonds in 18k Gold $1350

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.52.33 AM

Medium Chain Bracelet $595

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.52.51 AM

Hoop Earrings $450

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.53.15 AM

Ring in 18k Gold $1250

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.53.38 AM

Ring in 18k Rose Gold $1250

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.54.10 AM

Ring in 18k Gold $2900

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.54.32 AM

Ring in Sterling Silver $450


Pendant Necklace with Diamonds in 18k Gold $5500


Medium Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver, 19 in, $950


Medium Chain Necklace in 18k Gold, 32 in, $7500


Large Drop Earrings in 18k Gold $1900


Medium Drop Earrings with Diamonds in 18k Gold, $2500


Triple Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver $550