David Yurman's Wellesley Link Collection

David Yurman's Wellesley Link® in Sterling Silver evolves the construction of Sterling Silver Stax, bringing rounded architectural structure to this favorite David Yurman collection. Accented with brilliant white diamonds, the collection is classic and timeless with signature David Yurman design motifs. Shop the Wellesley Link® collection and all of the other David Yurman collections at Moyer Fine Jewelers.

Chain Ring with Diamonds, $650

Chain Ring, $350

Three-Row Ring with Diamonds, $850

Four-Row Ring with Diamonds, $1750

Cuff with Diamonds, $2250

Three-Row Cuff with Diamonds, $1850

Four-Row Cuff with Diamonds, $3650


Hoop Earrings with Diamonds, $1250

Hoop Earrings with Diamonds, $850

Chain Drop Earrings with Diamonds, $1250

Chain Station Necklace with Diamonds, $1450

Necklace with Diamonds, $2500

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