Heather Moore: Life Documented

    Cherish who you are®

Using sterling silver, various shades of gold (yellow, white, rose, and green), and their own hand-milled stamps, Heather Moore Jewelry creates memories on metal.
  • Telling stories with jewelry
  • Hand engraved and stamped
  • LIFE documented
  • Sterling silver
103892_front106959 104976100098100154 Each piece is hand-crafted and engraved in Cleveland, Ohio, where specialty tools can replicate a personal signature, sketch, logo, child’s drawing, and everything in between. Personalized charms, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, key chains, and money clips is given a unique personality and handcrafted attention. Heather Moore Jewelry is heirloom jewelry in classic designs, which will be passed along for generations, documenting all that’s is important in your life. This is how your story will continue to live and be told.