Hulchi Belluni Exquisite Jewels

About Hulchi Belluni

Hand picked by Dan Moyer personally from Baselworld, Hulchi Belluni is one of our new favorites. This Italian Belgian jewelry brand is world renowned for its detail and exquisite finish. The designs pair tradition and innovation to create works of art that surpass superficial trends. The name Hulchi Belluni is very unique, indeed. "Hul" means the love of a man for a woman. "Chi" signifies a balance in one's life that causes them to radiate positive energy. "Belluni" means "beautiful moon". It was chosen because the jewelry makes the wearer shine like the mysterious, romantic moon. Hulchi Belluni jewelry is designed following the rules of Feng Shui. The positive Chi energy around which this science is centred, brings harmony and balance to the designs. Each piece presents a visible, balanced interaction between all 5 Feng Shui elements: wood, fire, water, earth and metal. The jewel bubbles with lively energy (wood), and it blazes and radiates power (fire). The pieces are quenched by organic and wavy features (water), and they make romance (earth) overflow in peace and luxuriousness (metal). All of the pieces in the collection are made using 18 karat gold. The diamonds are either pave set or invisible set depending on the collection. Some of the pieces at Moyer are pictured below, and our stock will be online soon! To view the entire collection, stop by our store!

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