Our Most Popular Tacori Ring Collections

Summer love is in full swing as are summer engagements. With lots of couples thinking about engagement, we wanted to give an insight into some of our most popular collections from Tacori. Below, we'll provide a small synopsis of design details along with some engagement ring images of each of our three best selling collections: Petite Crescent, Dantela, and RoyalT. Petite Crescent Want the diamond to take center stage? The Petite Crescent design is a great option for you. With it's thin band, the center diamond commands attention when seen from the aerial perspective. Small crescent detailing on the inner face of the ring assures that the wearer has a gorgeous view of her ring. Tacori's Petite Crescent collection pays homage to their Classic Crescent collection's "crescent" detailing, a signature of the Tacori brand. The difference, as you could guess by the name, is that the crescents making up the Petite Crescent collection have been refined to have softer, smaller crescents on the inner face. The smaller crescents mean less metal and a more diamond intense look. This means there is more emphasis on your center diamond and the diamonds along your band. Petite Crescent Rings come in 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold and Platinum.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.04.53 PM

Inner Face (Side) View of a Petite Crescent Ring

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.04.44 PM

Aerial Perspective of an Emerald Petite Crescent Ring

Dantela Dantela- the Tacori design that gives the wearer a little of everything. Want a small halo around the center diamond? How about some detailing on the inner face? Dantela rings are perfect for the wearer that embraces every design element Tacori has to offer. The name Dantela, or "lace" in Romanian, is a reference to the lace-like look of the diamond details. The diamonds on the crown, or head, of the ring are meant to enhance the center diamond.  These diamonds also provide the intricate appeal of the breathtaking “Dantela” designs. Dantela rings are available in 18K Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 18K White Gold or Platinum.


Inner Face (Side) View of a Dantela Ring

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.02.59 PM

Aerial Perspective of an Oval Dantela Ring

RoyalT Looking for a big diamond look? RoyalT's are designed for a wearer that wants a big center diamond with lots of gorgeous diamond detailing. The RoyalT wearer isn't scared the setting will overpower the diamond, but embraces what the diamond detailing ads to the overall look.
The RoyalT collection is designed to accomodate 2ct and larger center diamonds, and are available exclusively in Platinum. Although, every RoyalT ring includes Tacori’s signature crescent silhouette design detail in some fashion, each design is different. Some RoyalT rings have the Dantela design on the inner face, whereas others have the design of another collection. Therefore, while you can tell the other collections apart by their inner face, you have to look to the size of the center diamond to tell if it's a RoyalT.