Tamara Comolli Fine Jewelry

About the Brand

The idea of starting Tamara Comolli came about 30 years ago,  and the goal was to redefine fine jewelry by leaving behind the dressy, uniform jewelry that got its justification only by being branded or expensive. Comolli felt that the meaning behind the pieces was missing in many of these branded jewelry collections. She set out to create a new brand that was casual, easy and allowed versatility and personal style. "They can still wear the first pieces they bought years ago in new ways by adding my latest creations! With more than 20 years in business, I think that idea has worked well!" Being that she wanted to put meaning in her pieces, she chose a brand symbol that was a natural fit. Comolli grew up near beaches and a lake, and loved the feeling of vacation and being on a beach or near water. This is why the drop became the symbol for her brand. It appears in several designs and is also the hallmark of all her jewelry. Every year Comolli and her team travel to distinct places in the world with the mission to select the best gemstones and pearls they can possibly find. All of the gemstones are natural, which ensures the uniqueness of the Tamara Comolli pieces.

Tamara Comolli at Moyer Fine Jewelers

Moyer currently carries five of Tamara Comolli's collections: Mikado, India, Bouton, Signature and Coconut. Mikado, with it's acorn shape and colorful gemstones, is perhaps the most iconic of her collections. Comolli's obsession with gemstone's scintillating colors have always fascinated her. Below are some of the pieces at Moyer Fine Jewelers. Product images and a page profile will be listed online soon. To shop the entire collection, please visit Moyer Fine Jewelers.

Shop Tamara Comolli

Rose Gold Signature Pave Diamond Bracelet

White Gold Mikado Necklace

(Charms can be worn individually or paired together like in this image. They can also be placed on huggie earrings for a colorful dangle look.)

White Gold Medium Diamond Earrings

(Can be worn as is or the wearer can add Mikado charms)

Yellow Gold Signature Pave Diamond Bracelet

India Charm Necklace

White Gold Diamond Earrings with Mikado Charms

Rose Gold Bouton Ring with Grey Moonstone

(These rings come in various gemstone colors in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.)

Coconut Bracelet

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