The Stories Behind John Hardy Jewelry

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting with the John Hardy team for some training mainly focusing on the story behind the John Hardy brand. Here are some interesting facts we wanted to share with you: From the cutting of the gemstones to the weaving of their famous chain design, EVERY SINGLE PIECE of John Hardy jewelry is made by artisans in Bali. There's not one piece in the collection that is crafted by machine. This is an astounding fact considering the sheer size of the company and the extreme popularity of their jewelry. Jobs in Bali with John Hardy are extremely sought after by artisans. They are allowed to pick up their supplies, take them home, and produce their creations while tending to children. The Naga collection is inspired by a legend of the dragon (Naga) who lives in the mountain near Bali. It is said that at night he ventures down the mountain and swims to his love, the pearl. Just before dawn, the dragon squeezes all of the water off himself and uses it to water the rice fields of Bali. If you wear a Naga bracelet with the dragon head facing away from you, it is said to bring you protection. Whereas if you wear a Naga bracelet with the dragon head facing you, it is said to bring you love. Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.06.45 PM

Legends Naga Dragon Bracelet

For every piece of the Bamboo collection made, Bamboo seeds are planted in Bali. This tradition celebrates John Hardy's respect of the earth. Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.07.23 PM

Bamboo Extra-Wide Ring

Inside of every piece in the Bamboo collection, there is a number. That number signifies how many Bamboo plants were planted as a result of that piece being made. (You'll have to look closely. Inside it says "This planted 4 bamboo.") 4