The World of Hublot

Welcome to the world of Hublot: the watch luxury watch brand that combines art with fashion (hence their tagline "The Art of Fusion") to create one of the world's most prestigious watch collections. Read more about Hublot's history, their timepieces and other unique information about the brand below.


Hublot was created by Carlo Crocco in 1980. In 2004, Jean Claude Biver took over the company and launched the "art of fusion" concept. For the first time in history, a watch brand mixed gold, a precious metal, with rubber and other materials. The art of fusion is the differentiator between Hublot and all other brands. Hublot combines different materials and latest technological advances to create artistic, visionary ideas. Materials such as swiss lace, berluti leather, jeans, and concrete have been utilized in the dial and strap of specific Hublot models. It has actually been found that infusing the rubber with these materials makes the strap more durable. The well-known Big Bang collection (currently the most best selling collection) was launched in 2005 and presented that year during Baselworld. A few months after the launch of Big Bang, the collection won best design in the Grand Prix d'horologie de Geneva. Today, there are over 800 points of sale worldwide (58 in America). The United States represents 17% of the company's sales which makes it the biggest single country performer for Hublot. Hublot is one of the only brands to pay homage to sports, art, and music. Hublot is particularly fond of soccer (futbol), and will be the official timekeeper of the World Cup. Their spokespeople are some of the most notable celebrities, models, athletes and performers in the world including Bar Rafaeli, Usain Bolt, Dwyane Wade, and Lang Lang. Another unique feature of Hublot is that they produce a lot of "limited edition" pieces. They do this because it creates a shorter selling and shelf time which means less time for counterfeiting. It also lends itself to the fact that Hublot views their watches as art- art which is one of a kind, and limited to small quantities. This makes the product more rare and gives it a higher demand.


Big Bang watches come in diameters of 38mm, 41mm, 44mm, 45mm and 48mm. All of them feature an automatic movement, and the 38mm comes in quartz as well. The straps on each Big Bang model can be changed which allows greater versatility for the wearer. "Unico", as in Big Bang Unico, signifies that those watches have an in-house movement. In-house movements make up 25% of the business, and they are becoming more common in Hublot watches. Hublot has owned its own movement since 2010. The Big Bang Ferrari 45mm Unico pays tribute to the luxury automobile manufacturer by incorporating characteristics of the Ferrari car within the watch. Design elements are made to mimic the car, and often materials such as leather from the seats are incorporated into the strap of the watch. This particular watch comes with two interchangeable straps. Each time Ferrari releases a new car, Hublot launches a watch to coincide with it.


The Classic Fusion is the most conservative looking watch in the Hublot brand. If a watch client is looking to purchase a first-time Hublot, Classic Fusion is often the brand they will choose. Classic Fusion watches come in a diameter of 33mm, 38mm, 42mm, 45mm. All of those diameters come with an automatic movement, and the 33mm comes in quartz in addition to automatic. Classic Fusion watches can be easily recognized by their thinner case backs. Every limited edition Hublot is designed off of the Aero Chrono Classic Fusion 45mm. This model specifically is popular among the new Hublot clientele. All limited editions say the number of production on the case back. The Racing Blue watch in both 45mm and 33mm is another notable watch in the Classic Fusion collection. This particular model can be a ladies watch as well. Since blue is currently very popular in the watch industry, this piece is seeing even more popularity and definitely one of the brand's best sellers.


The biggest proponent of this collection is that it's not round. It's different shape lends itself to the wearer who wants a distinct, unique timepiece.