Trending Engagement Ring Styles

A problem common among many bachelors about to pop the big question is that of the engagement ring. That monumental memento that resembles the love shared between two people. Something this meaningful is no easy find. It takes time, research, and money.  But here at Moyer, we have the very best diamonds and bands accompanied with a team of experts in the bridal world to make the buying experience a fun, quick, and easy one. After all, something this special should not be stressful, but it should be successful. Here are some tips and information on what is hot and trending in the realm of engagement rings today to help you with your search:

First and foremost is, of course, the diamond, and oval cuts are in. This simple but beautiful cut is beloved by many because of its ability to have the simplicity of a round cut diamond, but also to have the uniqueness of a more complex cut. Also, the oval cuts elongated shape can give it the appearance of being larger than it actually is, which is a good bang for your buck.Oval Cut Diamond off of Moyer Fine Jewelers website - Trending Engagement Ring

Second is the band, and a humble rose gold seems to be the favorite. These beautiful bands are great because of their awesome durability, affordable price, and ability to compliment any skin tone. Our only warning with a rose gold ring is that because of its makeup of both gold and copper, it is not hypoallergenic. So if that special someone is allergic to copper, white or yellow gold might be the best choice.Rose Gold Band of an engagement ring Third is the overall style, and the winner is slim and simple with a big stone on top! This style is so popular because of it puts all the focus on the diamond. Making it the true centerpiece of the ring. Another pro to this style is that it is much cheaper than a more complex style, which is a plus for anybody buying an engagement ring!Tacori Ring with oval diamond and rose gold band We hope this helps those who are in the market for a ring. Remember that this process should be less stressful and more successful. If you have any more questions, want to shop, or would like to set up an appointment with one of our bridal experts feel free to contact us or call us by clicking on the links below. We would be happy to help. Shop Bridal: Contact Us: Call Us: 317-844-9003