Up to 30% Off Wedding Bands at Moyer!

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In the spirit of wedding season (and anniversaries), receive up to 30% off your wedding bands on June 22nd and 23rd! This special deal is valid for one weekend only, and it is even better when you purchase multiple wedding bands! So how does this promotion work?

Receive 20% Off Your First Band

Receive 25% Off Your Second Band

Receive 30% Off Each Additional Band

Get a ladies band for 20% off and a men's band for 25% off. Or purchase three ladies bands for 20% off, 25% off and 30% off respectively. How about two ladies bands for 20% off and 25% off and a gents band for 30% off? The combinations are endless, and the deals are incredible!

This incredible promotion is great for couples still looking for wedding bands, or for couples who have anniversaries coming up! For men on the hunt for the perfect first anniversary present, a matching wedding band is a very popular gift! She can wear one band on each side of her engagement ring.

Ladies Wedding Bands

There are many different options for ladies bands. From shared prong and channel set to rose gold and platinum, Moyer has a lot of ladies bands to choose from. Some women are looking for a band with diamonds that match the size and color of the diamonds in her engagement ring mounting. Other brides want to make a statement and choose a different metal, diamond shape or a band with a larger width than their engagement ring. Below are some wedding band examples from Gabriel that are among our best sellers!

Stacked Bands

Want a "Stacked Band" look? Let us help you coordinate a look that speaks to your personal style. Add different metal colors or geometric shaped bands to your stack that make it a one-of-a-kind statement. These Sethi Couture wedding bands, exclusively at Moyer, are perfect for stacking. They also come in many fun geometric and diamond looks!

Men's Wedding Bands

A lot of men like the lower price point of a Tungsten, Cobalt or alternative metal wedding band. This event is exciting because it makes precious metal bands more affordable. Although we sell both alternative and precious metals, we recommend precious metals (either gold or platinum) for men. Both of these metals will be durable enough to withstand years of wear. They can also be sized unlike Tungsten and Cobalt. Precious metals also hold their value over the years unlike alternative metals. Crown Ring, our biggest men's wedding band supplier, has wide selection of widths, finishes, and metal colors for men to choose from. Having trouble deciding between two men's wedding bands? Crown Ring can customize details you love from each band into your ideal wedding band! Please contact Lauren at 317-844-9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com with questions, to inquire about a wedding band, or to schedule an appointment for the event. Offer is not valid in combination with any other special offer, discount or promotion. Wedding band with highest retail dollar amount will receive the lowest discount (i.e. If you purchase three bands for $1500, $1000, and $500, you will receive 20% off the $1500 band, 25% off the $1000 band and 30% off the $500 band). Brand restrictions apply.