Why Moyer: The Best Place to Buy Engagement Rings

Higher Standards, Not Higher Prices

If you're searching for an engagement ring, come to Moyer, the best place in Indianapolis to buy an engagement ring. Simply put, we have higher standards, not higher prices. What do we mean by that? We have ONE gemologist that buys ALL of our diamonds. This assures we buy the absolute best diamonds that meet our high standards every single time we buy. We buy the best diamonds when it comes to measurements, clarity, cut grade, certifications, etc., and when you compare a Moyer diamond to a diamond of the exact same characteristics (aka comparing apples to apples) it will never cost you more to buy at Moyer. So why wouldn't you try Moyer?

Let us tell you a few of the specific things that make Moyer different when it comes to diamonds and engagement rings...

Moyer Blue Box Diamond Guarantee

As mentioned above, any diamonds that are in our store, from loose diamonds to diamond basics, have been personally selected by our graduate gemologist to ensure that they meet all of our strict specifications. We seek out the most well-made, beautiful styles with the best quality diamonds at the most competitive prices. For example, we only buy round brilliant cut diamonds that meet incredibly high GIA (Gemological Institute of America)standards. Our clients can have the confidence that every diamond in our store has physically been touched and inspected by our diamond buyer. Each diamond is carefully examined for ideal measurements, placement of natural inclusions, and ultimate sparkle.

Measurement of Our Diamonds

A one carat diamond should measure no less than 6.4mm in diameter. Can you find a one carat diamond elsewhere that measures less than that with a great price? Yes, absolutely. But when it's set, it will look like a .90 carat diamond. We want our one carats to look like one carats. We want you to visibly see what you're investing in, and that means the diameter should be appropriate to the weight of the diamond. They should look like what they weigh on a scale. Our diamonds have only a very good or excellent cut grade. In all diamonds, we make sure that the dimensions and proportions are correct. This assures that you don’t buy a diamond that measures a 1.00 carat but only looks like a 0.85 carat because of the way it was cut. Highest quality diamonds for the best price. All the time.

Quality or Clarity of Our Diamonds

We sell every quality of diamond in a range of clarity grades. When it comes to SI graded diamonds, the difference is visible to the naked eye. We are so selective in the type, shape and quantity of inclusions that our diamond vendors come to us first. They let us "cherry pick" diamonds before other stores because they know we have such high standards. You won't see dark inclusions in the center of your diamond, you'll see them placed along the outline, not visible to the naked eye, or where we can place them strategically under a prong.

GIA Diamond Certification

All of our certified diamonds go through the GIA laboratory.  With the exception of estate diamonds, all of our diamonds are accompanied by a GIA report. GIA is the foremost authority for diamond grading. Period. No other worldwide gemological laboratory measures up to the GIA. A GIA certification is the most respected, accurate, and conservative evaluation for a diamond. It ensures you get exactly what you think you’re getting.


We are a locally owned, first generation business- a characteristic that many jewelers flaunt, but few truly are. The man who started it all, Dan Moyer, still works in the store daily and has for 40 years. The original vision and ideals are present in everything we do from selling diamonds and rings of a high quality to making sure you get the best price for truly the best product on the market.

Designer Brands

Our store sells some of the world’s most coveted brands not only in engagement but in watches and fashion. We pride ourselves in being an authorized dealer of Tacori, Michael M, Simon G, Christopher Designs and more. These designers have chosen to partner with Moyer because of our reputation in the industry and within our city.

Custom Design

Want her to have a ring no one else has? Let our design experts bring your vision to life. We have in-house custom design specialists that will make your vision come to life. Did she love a ring on Pinterest? Bring it in and let us reproduce it with your own unique touch.


We do NOT require you to come in every other month or even every 6 months for us to stand behind the quality of our product. However, we do invite you in to have a complementary inspection and cleaning whenever you’d like! Need a rhodium plating (for white gold), a sizing or another service? We will service it in-house. We have three in-house jewelers working on custom designs and repairs around the clock. Your engagement ring will also need to be insured. When you pick up your engagement ring, you will receive a complementary, in-depth appraisal about your ring and its value.

Bridal Package

Not long after your engagement, you will be planning a wedding, and those tend to be expensive. We got together with a few of our local partners and developed what we call a “bridal package”. The package contains exclusive deals and discounts to local vendors with deals exclusively for Moyer couples. It’s a great resource for starting the planning process. Come in, relax and let us show you the Moyer difference. When you leave Moyer, you will feel confident that you got the best engagement ring and the most exceptional experience around. If you have questions about this blog, please contact Lauren at 317.844.9003 or lauren@moyerfj.com.