Moyer Thin Engagement Rings

Moyer's take on the iconic Instagram style, but made with quality worthy of the Moyer name! Known for its characteristic thin shank, these engagement rings highlight the center diamond. At Moyer, we believe in quality over everything, and we stand behind the products we sell. It was important when designing this signature piece that we made the shank thin, but strong enough to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear that engagement rings face. Our Moyer Thin mountings are the perfect mix of style and quality- a ring you can feel confident wearing for years to come!

We can make a Moyer Thin mounting to fit any size, shape or carat weight center stone so regardless of what diamond you have your eye on, it can be set in a Moyer Thin mounting! The Moyer Thin mountings pictured below are "semi-mounts" meaning that the center diamond is not included in the price. We help each of our bridal clients find the perfect center diamond, and set the one they select into the mounting of their choice.