Corporate Gifting

Moyer Fine Jewelers is focused on helping our corporate parnters find a solution to rewarding employees with gifts that can be cherished for a lifetime. We make your job easier by helping you find the perfect gifts and taking care of the logistics. Did we mention that when you sign up for corporate gifting, we give all of the company's employees special deals at our store!

Our most popular gifting option, recipients can wear their watch for the lifetime of their career! We can even help you design custom plaques for the watch box or a custom engraving on the caseback!

Give the gift of jewelry from popular designers such as David Yurman, Shy Creation or Phillips House! This is one gift women really enjoy. We can also custom design a special piece with the help of our master jewelers!

Whether you're looking for a glass or crystal desk award, commemorative glassware or barware or a customized trophy, let us help you create the best looking award at the office!

Give your employees the gift of a beautiful display for their existing jewelry and watch collections with either a jewelry box or watch box from Moyer & Wolf Designs!

Corporate Gifting Benefits


Custom gifts for employees improve morale, increase productivity and create additional motivation to meet goals. Even at the highest levels of management, recognition is key to success. Recognizing good work sends an extremely powerful message to the recipient, their team and other employees.

Through our corporate gift program, we offer:

  • Competitive promotional pricing on your order
  • Customized items with your logo engraved either on the back or the box
  • Free shipping with all domestic orders
  • Bonus pricing perks for employees such as early access to sales, discounts on merchandise, etc.

To get started on your corporate gifting, please schedule an appointment below or contact us! We look forward to making your gifts the talk of the company!