This Mother's Day, we are your one-stop shop for gifting! It's easy to struggle about what you should get your significant other for Mother's Day. Should you give her an arrangement of her favorite flowers? Take her out for a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant? Maybe that piece of jewelry she has on her wishlist? Three great gifts mean there is a lot to consider!

Our incredible promotion allows you to buy the piece(s) of jewelry she wants, and receive the flowers and dinner as our complimentary gift to you! When you spend $595 or more on a lovely piece of jewelry, we are going to give you a dozen long-stemmed roses from McNamara Florist, Indianapolis' premier florist!

When you spend $1395 or more on a Valentine's Day purchase at Moyer, we are going to give you the dozen long-stemmed rose arrangement from McNamara AND a $100 gift certificate to Convivio Italian Artisan Cuisine in Carmel or Zionsville! Give her the opportunity to wear her new, gorgeous jewelry to your romantic dinner at Convivio! At Convivio, savor mouth-watering homemade pasta dishes such as their classic Bolognese or one of their namesakes the Tagliatelli al Convivio!

What are you waiting for? The perfect three-in-one Mother's Day gift is waiting for you at Moyer!