Omi Prive Jewelry


Gemstones are in Omi Prive's history. Founded nearly 35 years ago by Omi Nagpal and his wife, Preeti, their passion for gemstones dates back to their families who were ruby miners in 19th century Burma. Omi Prive rose to prominence as one of the world's foremost purveyors of loose gemstones, expertise in gemstones, and eye for rare, one-of-a-kind finds. Today the family channels their passion for gemstones into original, award-winning jewelry. They believe colored gemstones are nature's finest works of art. As jewelry designers, Omi Prive seeks out the most exquisite stones and transforms them into designs that accentuate their natural beauty. Every Omi Prive piece is both deeply personal, an ornament of self-expression, and profoundly universal, an artifact of our planet and its ancient alchemy. When each piece is complete and sent out into the world, it's destined to become a cherished gift, a precious heirloom, and a treasure.

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There is an art to everything Omi Prive does. Their gemstones are natural masterpieces, and their jewelry is designed to capture that beauty and enhance it. From exceptional stone sourcing to hand craftsmanship, Omi Prive adheres to the highest possible standards. Every piece of jewelry must reach the ultimate level of quality to bear the Omi Prive namesake. In their southern California workshop, they manage to blend traditional manufacturing techniques with the use of modern equipment. In fact, most Omi Prive ring shanks are specifically formed from drawn wire, a method that dates back to Ancient Roman times. This process forms a stronger, thicker concentration of metal with minimal to no porosity.