Diamonds & Ice CoolSculpting Event

Come sip wine, look at exquisite jewelry and see a live demonstration of CoolSculpting at our event Tuesday, September 13th! In our quest to create fun, new events, we thought it would be great to invite The Guyer Institute to discuss CoolSculpting. The event will begin at 6pm with a presentation about CoolSculpting beginning at 6:30pm. Not only will there be a presentation, but we will have a live model demonstrating the process in store that evening! What's In It For Me?  That evening, The Guyer Institute will do complimentary consultations, AND they will offer discounted pricing! You will also get a $100 gift certificate to Moyer Fine Jewelers for simply RSVPing for the event! What Is CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment that freezes and eliminates fat from "trouble spots" on your body. The process is performed with no needles, no special diets, and no downtime-- and you can have a glass of wine while it's happening! According to Denise Kaler, a specialist with The Guyer Institute, they apply a vacuum like device to the area being CoolSculpted that draws your fat up into the machine and freezes it. No pain at all! After an hour, they remove the device and massage the area. The fat from the treated area will be PERMANENTLY and naturally eliminated. Some patients have seen results in as little as three weeks. However, The Guyer Institute says it can be anywhere from a month to three months to really see results. This process is FDA certified, and quickly becoming a very popular service at the Synergy Spa at The Guyer Institute.