Fall into Platinum with Tacori

Earn money while you shop? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not when you shop during Tacori's Fall into Platinum promotion from now until December 12th, 2016! We believe that a love as strong as yours deserves the strongest metal. So let your love shine in platinum this Fall, and lead you to your perfect platinum pair with the Tacori “Fall in Love with Platinum” special offer! How It Works For a limited time only, when you purchase your dream platinum Tacori engagement ring, you can automatically earn up to a $500 certificate towards your Tacori platinum wedding band purchase! Your Tacori platinum wedding band purchase in turn, earns you $250 for any platinum purchase thereafter. That means you could use the $250 to shop for a second wedding band! Why Platinum Platinum boasts a bigger price tag than a gold alternative so why platinum? Platinum has a number of characteristics that make it appealing to many couples when selecting a metal for their rings.
  • Platinum is naturally white, so it doesn't require regular rhodium plating services like gold requires. To make white gold, yellow gold must be mixed with other white gold alloys (other various metals). Over time, the white fades giving the ring a yellow appearance until it is re-plated.
  • Platinum's heavier weight and density make it more durable than gold. When a platinum ring is scratched, none of the materials are scratched away, but rather moved or displaced. With gold, scratching means the metal is chipped away. For this reason, most pieces that are going to become heirlooms should be made using platinum.
  • Platinum is pliable, making it easier for Tacori's jewelers to create intricate designs that could otherwise not be created in another metal.
  • Platinum is rare. If you were to mine and melt all of the platinum in the world, it would only come up to your ankles in an Olympic sized swimming pool.
For complete Rules & Regulations, please see http://www.tacori.com/fallinlovewithplatinum2016 *Gift cards must be redeemed by June 30, 2017. Available at Participating Retail Partners only.