Inspiration of Men's Jewelry

Since the dawn of time man has coveted and cherished the artifacts, treasures, and wonders of the Earth. In the beginning it was fire. Fire served as protection, warmth, and a means to sustenance that enabled survival and early progress of human-kind.
It didn't take man long until other elements were discovered and put to use. Driven by persistence, curiosity, and a will to survive, mankind began to align earthly hierarchy by using the world's resources to their fullest ability. Early weapons made of wood, iron, and silver served as a means for self-defense and hunting.  Eventually, through the use of many of the same metals and other natural resources, entire cities and civilizations were formed. Man: the natural and curious conqueror, constantly seeking dominion and power over the earth.
Men's jewelry is not only fashionable and sexy, it symbolizes man's journey of survival, of evolution, and of strength. And it doesn't just tell any story, it tells your story.
Consider this red coral bead bracelet by David Yurman. Vibrant, rich, and hand-polished into a smooth, round bead, adorned with a sterling silver clasp.  Red coral is formed in the dark depths of the ocean, namely the Mediterranean, some 300 to 1500 meters below sea level in tight caverns and caves.
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David Yurman Red Coral Bracelet

At the beginning of the 1st millennium, there was significant trade in coral between the Mediterranean and India, where it was highly prized as a substance believed to be endowed with mysterious sacred properties. Among the Romans, branches of coral were hung around children's necks to preserve them from danger.
Or how about this Naga men's ring from the John Hardy collection?  Hand-crafted with silver, 18k yellow gold, and cabochon red rubies, it is as exotic, commanding and dramatic as the man who will wear it. In Sanskrit and many languages derived from it, Naga means "snake" or "dragon." In Buddhism it is a term used for persons having potent animal-like qualities.
John Hardy SS/18KY Naga Ring
Men's jewelry represents the ancestral bond between man-kind and the spoils and resources of the Earth. From the deepest caverns, darkest grotto's, and highest mountains, men's jewelry tells your story of power, dominion, and confidence.
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