Sell Us Your Jewelry, Gold, Diamonds and Watches

There are plenty of reasons to sell or divest your jewelry or watches- need cash, wanting to rid yourself of pieces you no longer wear, or simply looking to trade up to newer, better models. Likewise, there are many reasons why you should sell to Moyer.

Why Sell to Moyer?

  • Moyer has multiple associates from our GIA Graduate Gemologists to watch experts and more that have significant years of experience in the industry. They are constantly aware of market trends and conditions that could make your assets more valuable. They also have important industry knowledge that allows them to recognize fashion house hallmarks and signatures which greatly impact the value and importance of your pieces.
  • We provide immediate payment in the forms of cash, check or in-store credit. Almost all of our purchases can be made while the customer waits in our showroom, and we are able to pay them via cash or check before they leave the store. This gives our clients a quick, easy solution when it comes to selling their jewelry or watches.
  • Moyer has been a leader in the Indianapolis area jewelry market for over 40 years. The only way a business can survive a 40 year run is with the confidence and trust of its customers and the market. We pride ourselves on an outstanding reputation when it comes to trust and honesty.
  • Confidential appointments are available. We realize that clients may have a piece or collection of significant value that warrants privacy and confidentiality. We are always willing to schedule a confidential appointment off of the sales floor for privacy and security.

Sell Your Jewelry

If you have a jewelry box, chances are it is harboring some outdated fashion jewelry, broken chains and other miscellaneous gold pieces. Rather than letting them gather dust and go unworn, you have two options when you sell to Moyer- turn it in for cash or toward an in-store credit. If you opt for in-store credit, chances are you’ll get a bigger value for your trade. This way you can update your jewelry wardrobe with some of the industry’s most fashionable designer and classic pieces.

Sell Your Estate Jewelry

Many families have a difficult time when it comes to finding a trustworthy source to evaluate their loved one’s jewelry. Our experts at Moyer are able to recognize important jewelry hallmarks and signatures from some of the world’s most prominent fashion houses, meaning we know when you have something of great importance and value. When you divest with a company like Moyer, you can be sure that your jewelry is being evaluated by knowledgeable buyers who know the industry and the market allowing you to get the biggest return.

Sell Your Gold

Gold comes in lots of forms with jewelry- you could sell gold in the form of one lone earring, a broken gold chain, gold coins, etc. Our buyers keep updated daily with the price of gold nationally allowing us to advise the client on selling based on the return.

Sell Your Watches

Moyer is one of the Midwest’s largest dealers of pre-owned watches meaning we’re constantly and actively looking to purchase watches from our clients for our case. A few of the most prominent brands we are currently buying are Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Omega, Cartier and more. All of our watch buyers have a minimum of ten years of experience buying and selling watches. This expertise allows them to be informed on trends which could make your watch(es) very valuable. Many of our customers choose to get a trade-in value toward another pre-owned watch or a new watch. You can either receive a trade-in value or cash on the spot for your watch(es).

Sell Your Diamonds

When you’re looking to sell your diamond, Moyer is a must-visit. We have two Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate gemologists on staff who are able to evaluate your diamond. We are especially interested- and always buying- diamonds that are over 1 carat in size. If you are interested in selling your jewelry, gold, estate jewelry, diamonds or watches, please contact Lauren at 317-844-9003. We accept walk-ins when it comes to buying over the counter. However, we prefer an appointment if a client is looking to sell multiple pieces.