The Benefits of Platinum

The question of gold vs. platinum is inevitable for an engagement ring or jewelry shopper. Which one is better? It's a matter of preference. Since platinum is more expensive, however, we want to explain the benefits of this metal and why it carries a higher price tag than gold.
  • Gold is naturally yellow so it must be combined with another alloy such as nickel, magnesium, etc. to give it the white gold color. In engagement rings, white gold is usually plated with rhodium to make the metal more shiny and to allow it to maintain its white color. After months of wear, white gold rings start to lose that rhodium coating which triggers the white gold to look slightly yellow. While this can be fixed with a simple rhodium plating (and a few days at the jewelry store), platinum doesn't require this upkeep and rhodium plating. A quick turn on the polishing wheel will do the trick!
  • Does she have nickel allergies? Chances are white gold has been combined with nickel. Platinum is a safer choice for a wearer with allergies. Platinum must be comprised of 90-95% platinum to be considered truly "platinum". If it's comprised of a smaller percentage, it's referred to as a "platinum alloy".
  • Platinum doesn't wear away over time like white gold. Where white gold wears away with time, scratching, bumps, etc., platinum spreads out. Whereas white gold rings sometimes need to have metal added to them to maintain their thickness, the amount of platinum in a ring stays the same, it just might need to be reformed over time.
  • Platinum has a higher price tag than white gold because it is far more rare. If you stood in an Olympic sized swimming pool, all of the platinum ever mined would only come up to your knees.
  • Platinum allows more protection for diamonds and other gemstones because of its durability and strength. Engagement rings or other jewelry made with platinum make for good heirloom pieces as they can maintain their composition for long periods of time without wearing away.
For more facts about Platinum, refer to Platinum Guild Internationals' website: