Valentine's Day Staff Picks

Struggling with what to get your significant other this Valentine's Day? We've asked our sales associates what they planned on recommending to their clients for gift-giving, and the results are in! Below are what our staff thinks are great gifts for your sweetheart... a gift guide straight from our jewelry professionals!  Rebecca's Picks "I chose the Hearts on Fire Fulfillment necklace... It's perfect because the meaning behind the design is that the wearer fulfills the life of the person giving it. The whole concept is derived around love. I also really like how the back is designed with open hearts. Hearts on Fire diamonds look gorgeous under a microscope too.. So much time is put into cutting each one of the diamonds in this necklace. I think you can tell when you look at it by how much it sparkles. I have one of these necklaces personally... It's great because it can be customized to fit a price point by altering the size of the diamonds." "I really love the "love always" bracelets from Phillips House, too. Not just because of the name either! I think they are so fashion forward, and they look great regardless of if you're wearing one or stacking them. This bracelet is a cute, sentimental gift for Valentine's Day because it literally has "love always" engraved inside." Whitney's Picks "I get a lot of men looking for Valentine's Day gifts that want something with a heart shape incorporated in the piece... I chose the heart in the top layer of the picture because I think the wire look is very fashion forward. It's something different than the classic diamond heart pendant. I'm a big fan of layering so I chose to add the "love" necklace by Sydney Evan into the mix. I think this necklace is so cool. I love that we have the capability to customize them. You can design one with a loved one's name, a new baby's name, a last name, etc." Lauren's Picks "I'm a big fan of Sethi Couture's stacked bands. I love the various designs and shapes, and how they can be incorporated into a fashion stack or into an engagement ring stack as wedding bands. They take stacking bands to a cool, different level. I also selected Tacori colored gemstone jewelry because it's usually a pretty popular designer collection around Valentine's Day. I specifically chose amethyst because it's February's birthstone so it's a pretty safe-bet for men looking for a birthday AND Valentine's Day gift. Tacori has also designed various necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets that go together so it makes it easy to create an ensemble that looks fabulous together." Joe's Picks "Marco Bicego's gold and diamond Jaipur studs are my top choice because they're timeless and very striking. It doesn't get much better than gold and diamonds! I'm also recommending Armenta's stack bracelets in both silver and gold. I love how there are such intricate designs in each of the isn't just a silver bracelet or a gold bracelet."