Pave Engagement Rings

Discover the exquisite beauty of pave engagement rings that add brilliance and sophistication to your special moment. Our stunning collection showcases a dazzling array of meticulously handcrafted rings, featuring tiny, sparkling diamonds intricately set along the band. With a pave setting, your engagement ring will radiate unparalleled elegance and timeless charm. Explore our selection of pave engagement rings and find the perfect symbol of your love. Shop now and create a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.

What is a pave engagement ring? A pave engagement ring is a style of ring that features a band adorned with small, closely set diamonds or gemstones. The term "pave" originates from the French word for "paved," as the tiny stones are set closely together, creating the appearance of a paved surface.

In a pave setting, the band is typically crafted with small holes or indentations called "beads" or "grains." Each diamond or gemstone is then carefully placed in these individual settings and is secured with tiny prongs or metal beads. This technique creates a continuous, sparkling surface, as the stones are closely packed together without much visible metal in between. This setting creates an appearance that emphasizes the center stone, making it look larger and catching one's attention.

Pave setting diamond rings are known for their dazzling brilliance and luxurious look. The numerous diamonds or gemstones set along the band reflect light from multiple angles, creating a stunning display of shimmer and sparkle. This setting style adds a touch of glamour and elegance to the overall design of the ring, making it a popular choice for those seeking a captivating and sophisticated engagement ring. 

Another advantage of a pave engagement ring is that it offers versatility in terms of design and customization. The band can be made from various precious metals like platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, allowing you to select a ring that matches your personal style and preference. The size and shape of the diamonds or gemstones can also vary, providing options for different tastes and budgets.

Whether you prefer a classic pave band or a more elaborate design with additional features, pave engagement rings offer a timeless and romantic symbol of love and commitment. Their intricate craftsmanship and radiant beauty make them a popular choice among couples who desire an engagement ring that exudes elegance and enchantment.

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